Here is an answer to a rather simple question: Who we are?

Dear Revit Community

A few years ago, in the midst of mundane and boring architectural CAD routines, a group of contagiously ambitious Revit Enthusiasts came up with an innitiative to create a place for people with a flair for Building Information Modelling. Upon a brief reflection, they realized that life is too short and fickle to simply go on, waiting for their dreams to come true. They wanted real interactive architectural experience; they’d dreamed of seeing their work escape from dull 2D world. Back then, it all seemed far away and cloudy.

Yet, Revit Stop is here! We’ve done it, and we’ve waiting for those who have the passion and courage to design and build the world through innovation. If you can think creatively, and have a mind that easily connects and compiles ideas, you’re invited. Simply learn the program and join the community.


Lukasz Dmowski , CEO

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