Building Information Modeling

Autodesk building information modeling (BIM) software facilitates a new way of working collaboratively using a model created from consistent, reliable design information – enabling faster decision-making, better documentation, and the ability to evaluate sustainable building and infrastructure design alternatives using analysis to predict performance before breaking ground.

Building Information Modeling is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With BIM, architects and engineers efficiently generate and exchange information, create digital representation of all stages of the building process, and simulate real-world performance- streamlining workflow, increasing productivity and improving quality.

Experience BIM

Clear, concise understanding between architects, engineers, construction professionals, facility managers, and owners is the key to any successful project. To be on the same page, you have to be in the same book or, in the case of building, the same model. Autodesk building information modeling (BIM) software solutions provide teams with tools to keep information coordinated, up-to-date, and accessible in an integrated environment.

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