Visual Aids

To provide the best learning experience we give you a number of tools that focus your attention and allow you to absorb information quickly and efficiently. An example of that would be interactive highlight that follows the instructor mouse as he moves around the program. With this tool, by simply glancing on the screen you’ll be able to gain full comprehension of what’s going on. Your eyes will stay relaxed and you won’t have to strain your eyeballs to follow that tiny mouse cursor. To view a sample lesson click the link below.

Sample Lesson . .


All of our tutorials come with a full set of captions that can be toggled on and off on demand. This feature can significantly increase your long-term retention rate.

Convenient Menu

Regardless of where you are in the course, you’ll have the convenience of quick access to any tutorial you might want to see. A handy left side menu allows you to easily find the lesson you want to see again.

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